DRK Beauty representatives at Fashion Week in Vientienne, Laos

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Korn and DRK Beauty Representatives for being part of International Fashion Week Event in Laos. This proves that BEAUTY opens opportunities and creates new doors that leads to incredible success. DRK surgeons make things possible for a natural and infinite beauty.

Ms. Poupey, is the winner of THE WOW LAOS season 1.

She had Buccal fat removal and revision rhinoplasty at DRK.

Read her review at http://www.drkbeautysurgery.com/single-post/2017/03/08/Rhinoplasty-and-Buccal-Fat-Removal-makeover-by-Dr-Kolawach

Dr. Korn is DRK's Specialized Blepharoplasty Surgeon.

Read his profile at http://www.drkbeautysurgery.com/dr-konthorn-praneeprachachon

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