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Dr. Kolawach on Volume Magazine

Dr. Kolawach is really in the hall of fame.! Another invitation from Volume Magazine. The most well-known magazine in Thailand and around the globe! Dr. Kolawach is being featured about his new project Makeover Diary.

Dr. Kolawach is the first pick of most celebrities in Thailand.

In this magazine, Dr. Kolawach and his celebrity patient Ms. Kratae were featured to reveal the incredible changes from head to toe.

She had face surgery and breast augmentation with Dr. Kolawach and made her look 360 degree different.

Ms. Kratae and Ms. Kratai are sisters and both had plastic surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

They trust DRK as their Beauty Maker.

A press conference was held at DRK revealing how the transformation happen and the secrets beyond the marvelous makeover.

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