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Reform facial contour to obtain Perfect Shape Balance by Forehead Augmentation through Fat transfer

Redefining Forehead Shape to Balance Facial Structure and Achieve the Perfect Asian Face.

After seeing the result of my forehead augmentation fat transfer with Dr. Beer at DRK, it gives me the courage to share it to people as it deserves to be known to public.

First I would like you to understand why I think I need to have forehead augmentation, I know it’s not a common procedure to do, but because I read a lot of beauty blogs and I figured out that to have a PERFECT FACIAL BALANCE, there’s a measurement that needs to be equal. The forehead area 1/3, the nose and eyes area 1/3 and the chin and mouth area 1/3. Same goes with the side view. As the study says, my forehead is deep and narrowed, which I totally agree. It’s flatness gives a look of a WIDER forehead. If it only has a dimension or a curve, it will definitely enhance the figure of my face to a more project and balance contour.

This is me before I had my forehead augmentation fat transfer with stem cell enriched with Dr. Beer. As you can notice, my forehead looked so wide and flat. It looks weird actually.

There are few good clinics that do forehead augmentation here in Bangkok, and I went to all 5 top clinics, the other doctors said I can only do the implant, but they don’t understand that I don’t want to have a big operation. Until luckily I stepped on DRK center, I talked to Dr. Beer and I felt so relieved that he completely understands what I wanted. A simple procedure that will give me the same outcome, he suggested the fat transfer with stem cell enriched procedure. He will extract a fat from my thighs, some of it will be processed for stem cell activation, and some fats will be injected together to my forehead to create a contour that will best fit my face.

This is the plan for my forehead augmentation fat transfer with stem cell technique. Dr. Beer will add some fat from my thighs to fill in that hallow space that leaves my eyebrow look crooked.

The advantages you can get in doing forehead augmentation are:

✓ - fullness of the face naturally

✓ - reduce wrinkles caused by facial fat decreased with age.

✓ - skin look radiant and youthful.

✓ more safety because there’s no foreign substances in the body.

This is me before I had forehead augmentation fat transfer with stem cell technique with Dr. Beer.

Here I am on the adjacent room next to OR. DRK medical staff already prepared me for my surgery. Cleaned my face, changed my clothes to OR gown, and set all my IVF and medicines for the surgery.

I am very excited now to do my surgery, because I will not only have a forehead augmentation but also some unwanted fats will be taken away from my thighs hahahaha hitting two birds in one stone.

During my forehead augmentation operation. You can see the fat that Dr. Beer injected on my forehead, pure fat. Some of my fats were processed to activate a stem cell to combine with my fat, making the fat last longer.

The liposuction on my thigh didn’t hurt me at all, the anesthesia was very effective and doctor’s hands were very gentle. When he injected it to my forehead, I almost feel nothing at all. The injection site was very small, it almost cannot be seen right away.

** Immediately ** image after completion.**

I took a photo right after my forehead augmentation fat transfer with stem cell technique with Dr. Beer.

** on my way home on the same day of my forehead augmentation**

Because fat transfer forehead augmentation is just a minor surgery, I was able to go back home conveniently to my part because I wanna rest at home. DRK gave me home medications to treat myself while I’m at home.

Dr. Beer advised me to stay at home for 2-3 days to get full rest. But it doesn’t mean that I am sick, I am very much alright. I feel no swelling on my forehead, no bruises and no pain. Everything is manageable and easy.

I can take a bath as usual, wash my face and do normal things at home, I do usual things.

I’m so happy for having a minor surgery for my forehead augmentation, I made the right decision for choosing DRK.

8th day after my forehead augmentation fat transfer with stem cell technique

I am so happy that at this time I can go out and go to work as usual. My friends are amazed by how I look now. And how easy that was, no downtime.

I will forever thank Dr. Beer for being my beauty creator. He gave me the new look new confidence I have right now and forever. Also I would like to thank DRK team for assisting me all the time and taking care of me 24/7.

And if your friends Want to see the latest updates of how many would follow on Instagram: supgalzjigkee it.

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