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Slim Cheeks through Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach

Hi, my name is Miss Kob. I have a good story to share to all of you about my amazing experience as it change my life in so many extravagant ways. I am not shy to tell that I am insecure with how I look- since my face has boney figure a dermatologist advised me to do filler to form a round shape. After injecting filler for a quite sometimes- my face turns round and my skin became saggy. This result has been really annoying because now I look round and my personality and chubby cheeks are not compatible. And I realized that when I aged, my skin on the face will have much sagginess because of the expanded skin due to filler injections and gradually caused my cheeks to drop.

At first, filler looks good on me, but doing it in many times is not good anymore. So I tried to find a good doctor to understand my situation and would give me best advice. Then my friends did cheek reduction by buccal fat removal at DRK. When I saw their results, I was so jealous- they have slimmer cheeks and look very sexy and appealing. I’m a skeptical person as well, so I did a study and read more about Dr. Kolawach. I saw many excellent reviews about him and he has an outstanding background and expertise. He has done many celebrities in many counties and was featured in television programs. That’s why I decided to meet the famous Dr. Kolawach.

This is my photo before doing the buccal fat removal. Seeing this really made me want to do it right away. ^-^

I felt so relaxed during my operation. Dr. Kolawach made me feel comfortable and he checks up on me by talking to me every now and then. With the vital signs monitor and the nurse who holds my hand to make me feel I’m not alone and everyone’s keeping me safe at all time. This is the best surgery ever in history.

You can see on the clip that the filler was removed and my buccal fat-pad with it. I am relieved to see that it is all gone now. You can also notice that it is bloodless operation which is more important because I know it is the safest and best technique.

2 weeks after I had buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach

My makeover with DRK has not only changed my look but also my life. Achieving the look that I desire, getting rid of the chubby cheeks has boosted my confidence, and by that it gives me a happy heart and positive perspective in life.

My friends and family notice how good I become, about myself and all the things around me. Everything now is going great because of DRK!

One month after my surgery. See the difference? I’m so happy I got back to normal slim face that I used to be.

From the first month, my face will start to get slimmer and will get more slimmer for next two months- then it’s the final result of my buccal fat removal surgery. I’m really happy for the result, and cannot wait until I reach the maximum point of my outcome.

My recovery process was so smooth as I didn’t have pain, no swelling and bruises. I go to work the following day and no downtime for me.

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