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Sleek face for men by Buccal Fat Removal

Hi everyone. It would be unusual for a man who has insecurities about himself- like I have. Mostly men would do rhinoplasty, hair transplant and jaw augmentation but mine was different.- buccal fat removal. Yes guys, I wanted to have slimmer cheeks. I think that I look chubby with my fat cheeks. My chubby cheeks were not appropriate with my body, I am fit and I go to the gym regularly with proper diet. Though how much I stay fit, my face remains still the same.

I know that mostly men prefer to have a masculine prominent face, but my face is flapping freely when I jog or run, it’s like a face of a fat person. It annoys me so much, so I was decided to have an operation.

I found DRK through facebook, they are go famous because all my friends know this clinic. And I always see them on my news feed. Before, I was thinking of having botox, buccal fat removal or jaw reduction. Since all these choices are vague to me, I asked for an appointment to see Dr. Kolawach.

During the consultation with Dr. Kolawach, I have learned that botox will reduce the size of the muscle or make the muscle relax to prevent it to become prominent. The jaw reduction surgery will reduce the size of the jawbone, which is not exactly my problem. On the other hand, buccal fat removal was intended to remove the buccal fat pad that is residing on the cheeks. So mainly buccal fat removal surgery, is to remove the fat on the cheeks area.

All my questions about my concern in wanting to have a slimmer cheeks was answered clearly and thoroughly by Dr. Kolawach. He explained to me everything about the procedure and how to take care of my cheeks after the surgery and when I can see the result.

Of course, with no doubt or second thought I decided to do the buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach. But I have to wait for a month to get into his schedule because he is really really busy. But I know it will be worth waiting for. ^^

This is my before and after one month from my buccal fat removal surgery. You can notice the difference guys, I really look more handsome hahahha

This is my photos for medical record. DRK’s protocol to take photo of the patient before and after every procedure that is being done in their center. In this way, the patient and the doctor can discuss the progression of the result with fact and actual basis. Some clinics only convince the patients that they look better than before without showing them any proofs. But at DRK, they make sure that their patients will have their medical record to see how they have progressed from the day of surgery.

This my buccal fat-pad that Dr. Kolawach removed. The incision site is inside the mouth, which is located at the cheeks. Doctor incised a little bit just enough to get residing fats. There was no blood at all. I am totally awake the whole procedure and Dr. Kolawach keeps on checking up on me by talking to me every now and then. It wasn’t painful at all. I didn’t feel any uncomfortable feelings inside the OR. Right after the surgery, Doctor and I took a photo ^^ it was indeed a successful operation.

After my surgery is completed, the nurse gave me medicines and wrapped my face with compressive garment to help reduce the swelling. This face wrap will be tight enough for 3 days, then it can be removed then I can continue my oral medication for swelling. Doctor uses absorbable sutures so I don’t have to remove the sutures in the future because it will be dissolved in time though I cannot eat spicy and hot food because the incision will be painful.

On my fourth day after surgery, I went to my classes right away. I just wear a mask to hide the swelling, but there was no pain and bruises, so I just told my friends that I am sick that’s why I am wearing a mask.

This is my 2nd week after the buccal fat removal surgery. My life is totally back to normal. I can exercise and eat any food that I want as usual. You can see how my face was different from before. So great!

It’s been a month since my buccal fat removal surgery. I began noticeably more slender and I can see that I have achieved the look that I was yearning for. This is exactly what I have longed for years.

The sutures was gone and I have no mouth ulcers, no complication and not even a scar is found inside my mouth. Until now, my friends couldn’t tell what happened. But I would like to give credit to Dr. Kolawach as he deserved to be thanked and to be proud of.

And this is my last update to my buccal fat removal result. This is the final end of gradual reduction of my cheeks.

Nothing could make me more happier than having the look that I want. This is the new trend of being handsome whether you like it or not hahaha. I feel good about myself and that only matters.

If people want to have slimmer cheeks and has the same condition as I was, that it was not about the jawbone or the muscles on the cheeks, or the laxity of the skin- if it is caused by the buccal fat pad, then I recommend all of you to consider DRK in your list.

Try to make an appointment with Dr. Kolawach, you will compare him to other doctors. He is really the best in what he does. I assure you. And foremost, the procedure is very safe, with their OR facilities and how DRK team takes care of me all throughout the procedure since day one until I totally got normal.

That’s why I would like to thank DRK team for assisting me and giving me all the information I needed to make me understand the whole process and procedure, and for making me feel comfortable all through my recovery period. Above all, I would like to give my sense of gratitude to Dr. Kolawach for doing the best of his creation to me and strived to give me the look that I want. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life. ^^

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