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Prominent chin for balanced facial ratio designed by Dr. Beer

Say goodbye to short weak chin! Balance your facial features by adding volume to your chin.

I’m happy to tell you all that I had a chin augmentation done at DRK with Dr. Beer.

By the way, my nickname is Cartoon and I’m never comfortable with the shape of my face, especially the lower area including the chin. My chin has a weak prominence leaving me turtle look like. It was also not balance to my facial structure because my upper part of the face is kinda longer than my chin is. I know it is not proportionate and I feel like it looks odd.

So I went to look for a clinic to have a consultation and get advice from a doctor who might know what the best thing to do with my chin is. I was advised to have filler injection first. I agreed to it because anyway non surgical procedure is more convenient and easier than doing it under the knife. So I had this filler injected on my chin and said it will last for 1-2 years. The brand is good and the result is ok too. Though later on, I noticed that the filler kinda sensitive to touch and I am always worried to get it pressed because the filler might move to its designated position.

So I decided that I want a permanent chin augmentation and fixed one. I searched for another clinic to do the chin augmentation for me, but apparently the doctor said they don’t do the screw technique which is the procedure to fix the silicon to my bone. So I looked for other clinics that can do the chin augmentation with screw technique. Luckily I found DRK on the internet and I saw that the surgeons are doing screw technique. As I read the reviews from the patients, I saw that they are all satisfied with the results. I got very excited I called them, had a consultation and no second thoughts, I had my chin augmentation.

This is me before I did chin augmentation at DRK. You can observe that the upper part of my face is not proportionate to the lower part. My chin is square and short, which makes my face look odd. That’s why I felt like I needed to change. And with short chin I feel like I have a DOUBLE CHIN, which is really not sexy at all.

My operation was very relaxing and easy. The injection was the only thing that I felt, but then after that I am all pain-free throughout the whole operation. Dr. Beer’s hands are so gentle and he made sure that I will be comfortable and safe.

So this is me now, exactly 1 week after my chin augmentation with screw technique at DRK. I have no bruises and terrible swelling. I have no downtime where I need to keep myself at home. I actually went to work the following day. All I did is not eat hard kind of food. But the rest is ok. I was very relaxed during my recovery phase.

This is the 2rd week after my chin augmentation with Dr. Beer at DRK. I feel amazing with the changes of my face. My friends and officemates like how natural I look and they are all surprised that I don’t have any terrible rehabilitation like that they see from other people who do plastic surgery.

Now it’s 3rd week after I had chin augmentation with screw technique with Dr. Beer at DRK. I went to the beach with my friends. My life was never this incredible and magnificent ever before. If you know the confidence that I have when I go out is marvelous. I believe that everyone deserves to have that kind of confidence in them too. Make us happy and positive in life.

1month after I had Chin augmentation with Dr. Beer at DRK.

Life is normal and I can do things as usual. I am fearless and self-assured that I can do things without limit because the silicon on my chin was implanted and screwed securely in place. That’s the best thing in my operation because the silicon is like part of my body now.

This is the before and after my chin augmentation with screw technique at DRK. I encourage you to take a closer look of my chin and how it redefines my facial appearance.

The outcome of my surgery was successful and it is more beautiful than what I expected it to be, I couldn’t ask for more. The safety of my surgery, the comfort I received from Dr. Beer and DRK staff, the follow up visits are warm welcoming, all of these have achieved my 100% satisfaction.

To my friends who are planning to do chin augmentation, it is better to do it with silicone implant with screw technique because it is safer and rest assured you will have the most convenient lifestyle even with the implant.

All my gratitude to Dr. Beer for wonderful job well done, and being the best doctor to me. Understands all my desires and needs for this surgery. As well as all the DRK team for assisting from day one until I got better.

See you guys very soon for more plastic surgery ^^

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