Sexy Slim VSHAPE face with Chin Augmentation

My face looks so round, and I wanted to have a balance facial structure. So I thought of starting with my chin. Since, my chin bone is not prominent leaving it a weak look.

I am Minnie and currently joining Ms. Thailand pageant. I am preparing myself to be more competitive and build more confidence when I will be up the stage.

My manager supports me to do surgery, but he was very strict that I must do it with the best surgeon because the least we want is to have terrible outcome. He and his team looked asked around beauty advisors and fortunately found DRK.

I chose Dr. Beer to do the chin augmentation with screw technique for me because I saw a review from his patient and her condition was just like mine. The result was perfect and it changed her face dramatically but still looks natural.

This photo is taken during one of my photoshoot for Thailand Magazine.

As you can notice that my chin is blunt, making it look weak and my face look like a child. Some say it is cute but for my profession it is inappropriate because I wear sexy clothes. My face should look fierce and daring to portray the role efficiently.

Wow, done with my chin augmentation with screw technique surgery. I am so glad I did it with Dr. Beer. His hands were so gentle and masterly performed the procedure. I was comfortable and secured the entire operation because Dr. Beer’s expertise made me confident and safe all throughout.

There was no pain, bleeding and you see I am perfectly fine. I was advised to apply cold packs, take my medications and not eat spicy and hot food and drinks.

The incision is inside my mouth so there is no visible scar on my face. Im so excited to see the end result.

This is 5 days after. No more downtime, no pain, minimum swelling, no bruises. Everything is pretty much normal now….

One week have passed after my surgery. Today I went to DRK and good news from my doctor, saying I have no complications and I just wait to see until swelling will subside totally.

Two weeks after my chin augmentation with screw technique with Dr. Beer.

Guys, I am just so happy today because I had photoshoot for the pageant and everybody said I look so amazingly beautiful. I feel more confident and obviously look more beautiful. hahahah

See that difference, from a blunt square chin to a more shaped and defined one. Which one looks better? Of course after doing the surgery. My family and relatives are excited to see me in Ms. Thailand 2016 Beauty Pageant. They all say I will be on top heheheh

My beauty journey with DRK and Dr. Beer was one of the most unforgettable moments happen in my life. I couldn’t thank my doctor for giving me the most relaxing and safe operation ever, with of course the best result I can ever have. Also DRK team for assisting me during my recovery days and giving me information of how to take care of myself making it so easy for me.

I love you all guys, I hope to see you on the pageant. Mwaaahhhhhhh!


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