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Slim Cheeks Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach

No more chubby and chipmunk face with Buccal Fat Removal surgery at DRK. Round face can make us look fat, to get rid of this unwanted fat, DRK's innovated technique to permanently remove the buccal fat pad in the cheeks to make your face slimmer. BLOODLESS technique guarantees NO Scar, No Bleeding, No Bruises! Fast and comfortable recovery, you can go back to your normal routine instantly! Achieve a Slim Sexy Face in just one safe procedure!

Hi everyone, I'm Momo.

Let me tell you my beauty makeover at DRK. I know some people might have the same problem as I am, and I'm here to give you a peek of what is it like to gain confidence and how DRK made my dream come true.

As you can observe, I have a big round puffy chubby fatty cheeks. Ok, name it, it's there. I cannot deny it? why? because it's too obvious. It hurt my ego so far, I couldn't deny it but rather accepted it anyhow.

Although, I know I can do something about it.

I want to feel confident while I take photos, or meet people. I want my friends to stop calling me pig face. I am not fat to begin with, just that my face is too fatty, that's why it makes me look fat.

So the secret when taking photo is by covering my cheeks with my hair or make the right angle to ward off the fat face.

My job requires to be attractive and confident, and I think I'm losing both.

That's why I really need to act on this problem and change my life.

My first step is to find the best surgeon to remove the fat of my face... and the procedure must be 100% safe and the result must be outstanding and permanent.

As I look painstakingly to all the clinic, hospitals and doctors around, I came to a very good conclusion, DRK.

DRK has group of well experienced doctors and has good reputation, they earned many accomplishments and awards for the great work they are doing.

I choose Dr. Kolawach to be my Beauty Maker, because I believe in what he does. I have seen many before and after photos as well as reviews from his patient. Everything is a miracle, he is like a wizard of doing plastic surgery.

Finally, the day has come to meet the famous surgeon in Thailand. ^^

Dr. Kolawach was very kind and charming. I could sense how professional he is when explaining to me the procedure and the expected outcome.

Thorough and honest explanation, and impressive technique to achieve my dream, to have a slim cheeks and look beautiful.

This is me while having the buccal fat removal surgery.

As you can notice, the procedure is BLOODLESS. which leaves no harm to my tissues. Dr. Kolawach's hands were very gentle it didn't hurt me at all. Having a dental treatment is much painful than this.

DRK's facility is aboveboard. All the technologies and the OR environment are remarkably state of the art. It felt like I was doing it in a high standard facility.

Immediately after the buccal fat removal procedure.

What I'm holding is my buccal fat pad, whoa a lot right? I am so sure that the result will be magnificent as expected ^^

**following day after my buccal fat removal**

I have to wear the face garment for 3 days straight to help reduce the swelling.

I also need to apply cold compress on the cheek area and thaw an ice inside my mouth.

2 days after my buccal fat removal

I feel better now, no pain, no bruises. ^^

3 days after my buccal fat removal

OMG! look at my beautiful face! hahahha I look like I didnt do any surgery! No sign of surgery! No more bandages, I can literally go back to my usual routine.

1 week after my buccal fat removal

See the difference of my before and after photos? Amazing right? Only Dr. Kolawach can do such magic!

I can eat whatever I want now! hahaha

I get many compliments about my new slim cheeks. My friends say that I look different, some say I look like a Korean star! hahahaha

V-Shaped face achieved in just 10 days!

I gain a lot of confidence after doing the buccal fat removal.

Most of all, I feel very safe because there's no complications or bad result after my operation. This has made me feel secured that everything else will go as planned.

I cannot believe that it could be this easy to achieve my dream, to have a slim face.

Being confident about yourself is important, it gives you different kind of happiness, a feeling that you own and you dont owe to anyone because it comes from within. To achieve that, you must follow your heart's desire.

I would like to thank Dr. Kolawach for granting my wish, and I hope to do more surgery with him in the future, because I full well that he is the greatest surgeon there could ever be, and I trust him completely.

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