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Redesign Nose Line by Dr. Kolawach

Another chance to change nose line from short angle to perfectly shaped and elongated one. Revision Rhinoplasty is the only way to gain confidence about my nose.

Hi guys, I'm back! Momo is here again for another makeover revelation to share with you my beloved friends. For some of you who haven't seen my previous review, I had buccal fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach. I am very satisfied with the result, and so why would I go to other doctors? This is where my trust and loyalty, and so I am more than 100% definite to do my revision rhinoplasty here at DRK.

So I did a nose job long time ago, and as I have observed it, it doesn't look good. The implant is too short and wide. My nose tip is pointing too upward that leaves me a pig nose like. I hate it. it reduces my confidence, and it is not balance to my facial structure. Every time I look at the mirror, I feel irritated...

So when I met Dr. Kolawach when I had buccal fat removal, I did my consultation for the nose. He has given me hope, and chance to change how I look and gain the confidence that I am yearning.

After my buccal fat removal, I made an appointment for my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach.

Yes! The day has come, the day to change my nose line to perfect angle! I am very excited for my operation.

**at the waiting room beside operating room**

DRK's medical staff had prepared me already, all set for my revision rhinoplasty surgery. Everyone is still nice as always. I love everybody, they treat me like a VIP friend. ^^

**Immediately after revision rhinoplasty**

At last! the surgery is done! for less than an hour, all my burden was ended and a new life awaits.

The operation as expected was comfortable and assuring. Doctor keep me alert and relax at the same time, the facility has always been the most sterile area I've ever seen. Everything went well. Now, it's time to rest ^^

**2 days after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach**

I'm here at DRK clinic for my follow up, they will remove the plaster and clean the incision wound. I am very happy and amazed that there's no terrible bruises and swelling like I had before from other doctor.

I confirm guys, Dr. Kolawach is the best!

**3 days after my revision rhinoplasty**

Isn't it impressive guys??? on the 3rd day after operation, my nose doesnt look butchered! I can go out and look like normal! The best thing is, my routine is back to normal!

Although my nose is still a bit swollen, which is normal. I can wait til it totally subsides ^^

**4 days after revision rhinoplasty**

Getting better each day! Now I'm ready to go out and meet my friends ^^

**5 days after revision rhinoplasty**

My friends told me that I changed a lot. my face looks different after my revision rhinoplasty. I look sexier and more attractive than ever! ^^

**7 days after revision rhinoplasty**

Magic! That's what happened. My recovery time is amazingly fast like a magic!

I have achieved the perfect nose angle that suits my facial structure. I now have a balance face, the height of the nose is perfect to give proper dimension to the whole face, the length and the width makes my face look elegant, and the nose tip is perfectly pointed. Everything is PERFECT! what else to say?? hahahhaha

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