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Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation by Dr. Beer

"Be beautiful in your own version", Be it natural or enhanced, is a result of individual perspective. Indeed, individual enhancement of ones best asset is widely accepted and rampant as we stride into a great innovative era.

Month of April is the beginning of thorough searching and scrutinizing of clinics and hospitals from Thailand and Korea that would give a great satisfaction considering the safety, quality, price, state-of-the art facilities, customer service, detailed orientation of the procedure, and expertise. However, at the mid of April finally discovered a great clinic known as DRK clinic from facebook, browsed the profile and communicated with the person in charge Ma’am Hanna who patiently answered my inquiries and scheduled my consultation to the physician. April 28, 2016, 12:00pm, my Rhinoplasty, alarplasty and chin augmentation preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative surgery with Dr. Beer. Preoperative surgery phase: final assessment, detailed orientation of the procedure, discourse of prons and cons, obtaining patient verbalize objective and subjective understanding of the procedure and discussion of vulnerable complications done by Dr. Beer. Very welcoming and accommodating staff, conducive environment and very therapeutic nurses. Well discussed pre-medications. Nurses fostering welfare of the patient by getting correct vital sign, great assistance and rapport to patient. Intraoperative surgery phase: cautiously transferring of patient to operating room, administration of local anesthesia correctly and surgery runs smoothly around 45mins with Postoperative surgery phase: cautiously transferring of patient to recovery area, well assisted in doing cold compress and obtaining subject and objective feelings about the procedure. Remarks: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Awesome experienced, great staffs, satisfied customer of the procedure done, differentiated and innovative services and fulfillment of enhancing ones best asset. Sincerely extending my gratitude to Ms. Hanna, other staffs, nurses, Dr. Kolawach, Dr. Beer for your great assistance and fulfilling my dreams. VERY MUCH HONORED TO PROMOTE THIS INCREDIBLE CLINIC.


Above picture is my before surgery, definitely alar width flares out wide resulting to disproportionally enlarged relative to the nasal tip. Bridge is not prominent enough. Along with flat chin that gives squarely and chubby appearance of face.

After surgery, a bit painful because anesthesia wears off but definitely alar becomes narrow its width and bridge is naturally prominent following the Asian appearance. Flat chin is augmented that harmoniously proportion to the nose and outlined the V shape of the face. Perfectly satisfied!!!!

Day 1 of recovery, face a bit swollen but not painful at all. Medications taken and Ms. Hanna continuously followed up my condition.

Day 2 of recovery, face is a bit swollen but no pain. Medications continuously taken, more rest and cold compress done patiently.

After 1 week, no swelling at all, no pain and stitches or suture still there but dont worry it is absorbable. Nose on its finest and natural appearance. It really enhanced my face, the eyes and the cheeks, resultantly to a proportionally balanced in its appearance along with chin that emphasizes the jaw angle that makes it V shape.

After 3 weeks of recovery, magnificent nose job and chin augmentation. It really enhance my physical attributes, more feminine outlook and great confidence. Highly recommended clinic for you.

After one month of recovery, outcome of surgery is greatly achieved and fulfilled. You made my dream do come true. Highly recommended. Thank u Dr. Beer, Dr. Kalowach, Nurses, Staff and ms. Hanna.

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