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Forehead augmentation fat filler with stem cell enriched technique to achieve facial balance for Men

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

Hi everybody, some of you might remember me. I did eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and eyebrow transplant and now I’m proud to say I did forehead augmentation fat filling technique with Dr. Beer.

The reason why I chose to do forehead augmentation is to enhance the prominence of my forehead. My original forehead shape is a narrow and inverted, leaving me a pressed look forehead. As a beauty guru, I know what would look better for my kind of facial structure.

I chose fat lipofilling with stem cell enriched technique because I have some unwanted fats on the thighs and as I will do liposuction there, I wouldn’t waste my fat and would be wiser to transfer it to my forehead. Also this lipofilling procedure wont be that aggressive as the silicon implant forehead augmentation.

Fat lipofilling stem cell enriched is a minor operation, and I went back home after a rest in the recovery room. It was an easy procedure because after removing my fats in the thighs, doctor used my fat to create stem cell and inject altogether into my forehead. No need of opening my head, no scars and less abrasion, resulting to no bruises and no pain to me.

This time, I had the operation with Dr. Beer, because DRK made a promotion with him, just right for my budget. Of course, I know him very well and I trust his creation. I have many friends who did plastic surgery with him and they all have incredible results.

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

This is me after I had Forehead Augmentation Fat Lipofilling with stem cell enriched technique with Dr. Beer.

Fat stem cell will last permanently, as we all know how stem cell will react on your body as it is autologous. The safest content to put or insert in our body with an effect that will last a lifetime. Moreover, the result looks like natural and you will be very proud to say that it is your own fat, feels like you didn’t have any plastic surgery done at all.

I wont recommend filler injections on forehead, it doesn't have natural feeling. I have once injected them and it was too hard and unnatural. I was never comfortable with it. That’s why when the effect of the filler was gone, it planned to do the stem cell fat filler right away.

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

This is my fat with stem cell enriched content. DRK medical team processed my own fat to extract the stem cell from it and mixed the fat stem cell to my lipoed fat and together inject it to my forehead to give a long lasting result.

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

Photo taken during my Forehead augmentation Fat filler stem cell enriched technique. This is Dr. Beer and DRK OR team. Since my procedure is minor surgery and my age and health are well to do the operation in DRK OR facility. I feel very safe doing the operation at their center, they have a sterile technique and complete health monitoring system.

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

Don’t be scared guys, it’s not painful at all… Dr. Beer has a very gentle hands. of course he injected local anesthesia to me first before doing all the procedures. He draw lines to give estimation to where I need fat filler.

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

Comparison of my before and after Forehead augmentation Fat Filler stem cell enriched operation with Dr. Beer. See the difference. Filling my forehead made a balance to my face. This time doctor injected more 20-30% of the target result because in few weeks it will reduce in the said amount. Leaving 70-80% as the target outcome.

Forehead Augmentation Fat Graft

This is me now, 6months after I had my Forehead Augmentation Fat Filler with Stem cell enriched operation.

I am very satisfied with the result. I achieved the desired result that I want, I look exactly what I’ve been longing for. The balance of my facial structure are perfect. Thanks to Dr. Beer who made all this incredible things possible without any complication and difficulty on my part.

I am looking forward on doing more surgery with DRK. I am their number one fan.! hahaha

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