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Changing face through Perfect Nose Line by Dr. Beer

My customized silicone implant suited my face perfectly and changed how I look from flat to heightened.

As a pure Asian, it is normal to have a flat nose. Mine is not better than any other ordinary Asian who has nose problems.

I am never comfortable with how my nose shape like. I am insecure with those people who have done their nose and changed their lives. I need that kind of confidence, I want that look that has the perfect dimension and balance of the face.

My nose looks too big, wide and flat. I want to have a curve like the celebrities and Koreans, which make them look like a barbie.

I want to achieve a nose line that will give me a pretty look and give me confidence that would make me happy whenever I look myself at the mirror.

I'm so lucky I found DRK on the internet, and I read a lot about their surgeons, the facilities and the patient reviews. I was captured by the reviews given to Dr. Beer, and so I wanted to do my dream nose with him.

I'm on my way to DRK to do my rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer.

After talking to Dr. Beer during the consultation, it made me very comfortable because he was straightforward with his vision about my nose design. I took his advice fully and now I'm ready to finally make my dreams come true.

My rhinoplasty surgery is done. After the operation, the medical team had me rested at the recovery room at DRK facility. It was so luxurious and comfortable, like a high class hospital. The nurses tool care of me really good. And once I was ok, I was ready to go back home and continue my rest there.

2 days after my rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer.

My nose is still swollen at this time, but I am happy that I dont have the zombie look on my face. No terrible swelling and bruises, also the pain is pretty much fading already.

4 days after my rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer

6 days after my rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer

1 week after my rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer

Everything is alright at this moment. I can see that my nose has improved, and I am loving the result. I cant wait til the swelling will totally disappear.

I am so happy with my new nose line, I feel so different because I look different.

My friends and relatives are amazed with my new look, and they want to do it with DRK as well.

My dream has came true because of Dr. Beer's magic hands! I am forever thankful of him for making me look beautiful just the way I wanted it, and even more!

Thank you Dr. Beer for granting me my wish and making it easy for me during my recovery days.

Before and After my rhinoplasty

Most importantly is the beauty inside, which is the humble confidence.

I love you DRK forever!

Til we meet again!

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