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Slim Cheeks for Sexy Face: Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach

Hi, my name is Ms. Blossom, Ms. Tiffany 1st Runner Up 2013. Miss Miss Tiffany's Universe is a transgender beauty contest in the Kingdomof Thailand. Which is broadcasted in National television with an average of 15 million viewers, and rapidly spread throughout the whole asian continent. The main purpose of this pageant is to promote the city of Pattaya as one of the best tourist spot in Thailand and to improve the environment as friendly and warm hearted people. Moreover, this show does take part to charity events for less fortunate and supports the Royal Sponsored AIDS Foundation Program.

I usually have chubby cheeks, and when I do photoshoots and attend runway shows- I feel very uncomfortable with how I look in the photos as my cheeks are so flabby and not sexy. The round face shape does not suit me, for my personality and my job. That's why I did buccal fat removal, and I wholeheartedly chose Dr. Kolawach to do for me. He was famous for doing nose jobs, eyes and buccal fat removal in most celebrities here in Thailand and also celebrities in other countries. And everyone who did surgery with him has a very fast recovery period, less swelling with very lease bruising and mostly no bruising at all because his hands are so light and careful, it really shows how expert he is. During my consultation, Dr. Kolawach explained to me everything and clearly to me. So I decided to do it right away without any second thoughts.

This is my cheeks before I had buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach.

I feel like my face is very round, and I don't feel sexy with it.

Dr. Kolawach and I right after my buccal fat removal surgery.

Everything went fine, and the procedure was very relaxing and I felt comfortable the entire time. Dr. Kowalach made sure that I am perfectly fine and at ease while he's performing the surgery. It made me feel secured and safe. ^^

(This is the third day after my surgery)

I didn't feel any pain, it's only like going to the dentist. Dr. Kolawach did everything so fine and my face didn't have any bruises. To my surprise, nobody actually noticed that I did surgery because I went to have shopping the following day.

(This is me two weeks after the surgery)

(In this photo of my before and after, you can see that I don't have puffy face anymore.)

I am so happy to achieved the VShaped face that I wanted. Thank you so much Dr. Kolawach for making the face that I want, now I can do so many pose on my pictorials

and confident with my pictures.

After having a slimmer cheeks, I feel more sexy and confident about myself. And all the people around me noticed the different beautiful and lively aura that I have. And more invitations from modeling company has invited me.

I will be forever thankful to my Beauty Maker Dr. Kolawach Laochairsri for giving me the best look that I can be, and making my life way much better than before.

My confidence has given me positivity in everything that I do.

I love you DRK! til' we meet again for more beauty makeover :*

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