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Thailand Model Mr. Top transformation with Dr. Kolawach

Male V-Shape through reducing cheek fats by Buccal Fat Removal.

Hi guys, I’m Top. I would like to give credits to DRK and Dr. Kolawach for the marvelous look I have now. I know, the confidence is all over the room, that’s what I want and now I have achieved it. And I propose that everyone must have it too. We all deserve to look good and feel good about ourselves, regardless the race or gender or status in life.

So yes guys, I did plastic surgery and I’m happy with the result. As a model, I need to look bonny in photographs and runway shows but my round face makes me look weighted and brimful. It is not matched with my career and type of industry that I am currently working on.

Hello, my laptop I'm thinking that for a good long time. I never thought something like this review embarrassed to watch it.

Fashion King The Runway Show 2015

And the latest modeling portfolio in Hong Kong.

Why I chose DRK? Simple, they are unique from any other plastic surgery centers in Bangkok. Dr. Kolawach especially has good reputation and well known to be one of the top surgeons in the country. If you read about him and feedback from his patients, you will know how outstanding his works are.

Also, DRK facility has highly secured and well maintained technology to ensure the life and the safety of their patients. The whole center is cozy, clean and comfortable.

More importantly, Dr. Kolawach’s BLOODLESS technique is so promising. Of course, who wouldn’t want that right? With bloodless procedure it will leave less or even no bruises at all.

** I really wanted slimmer cheeks. I feel less confidence with my chubby cheeks. Not so manly at all.**

Today, I had a consultation with Dr. Kolawach, and I am so excited to get the buccal fat removal done. He explained to me every detail I need to know about the operation, and I am confident with his procedural technique.

This is my buccal fat pads. I am very happy that the operation went well.

They reviews were all true, it wasn’t that painful. The anesthesia worked very well and doctor’s hands were very gentle. He is really an expert. Also he made sure that I am fine all throughout the operation and checking on me and gives me advice on how to cooperate.

After a week from my Buccal fat removal surgery, everything is back to normal. I had no bruises, no infection, no complication, no painful no discomforts during the week. I am very impressed with my healing process. I recovered very fast because of the Bloodless technique.

People say that I look more handsome in my photos, because they can see my jawline. It looks so manly and captivating. I am very happy with the result. I made the right decision for choosing DRK.

I am grateful to achieve the look that I’ve been longing for. I thought it was impossible and difficult to achieve, but Dr. Kolawach made it possible for me.

Now, my career has boosted and I gained more fans and audience on my shows. More importantly, my confidence to myself. I am happier now and I am proud of my decisions.

Thank you DRK for giving me the privilege to be your ambassador for MALE celebrity, I am honored to represent you.

**before and after**

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