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Korean Barbie Nose Lift by Dr. Kolawach

I dreamed to have a facial balance like Korean Style Barbie Face, and it came to reality because of DRK.

What’s up guys, I’m Boom. A quick review to help you decide on your planned surgery. All of us seek for that accurate and realistic advice before we decide to do something important for ourselves. I totally understand that, I was once in your shoes. And now, I’m returning that favor.

For some people who have the same nose feature as mine, and maybe close to my facial structure, here’s what I can share to you.

As you can see, my original nose has a flat shape between the eyes, which made me look odd on side view. This is not a facial balance, if you happen to read about the facial balance it is divided into 3, and my nose area is not really.

It wasn’t easy to look for the right doctor to trust with this kind of surgery, ‘cause there are so many fraud doctors and failed ones. Of course, I wouldn’t settle for anything else, will you? If it comes to safety and satisfaction, it should be 100%.

After a long research, I found DRK as the number one choice. Why? Here’s the reason why I chose DRK.

1. Dr. Kolawach’s profile is excellent and he has more experience with best results. Check here

2. Reviews from patients are amazing!

3. Their facilities are highly secured and innovated

4. They use USA brand implants only

5. Customized Silicon Implant according to patient’s facial structure

**Comparison: Rhinoplasty Nose Implant**

What an awe-inspiring feeling to finally see my dream face came to reality. My nose bridge has lifted as I wanted it to be, and it gives me a better view when I look sideways.

**7 days after my rhinoplasty nose lift done by Dr. Kolawach**

I had my follow up checked at DRK for removing the stitches on my nose… In a week of recovery, I never felt any uncomfortable feeling, I have a very minimal swelling, no bruises and pain is manageable. DRK staff and medical personnel never forget to assist me and remind me how to take care of my nose and check me every time.

Most significant information I have to emphasize is that Dr. Kolawach’s technique is BLOODLESS, that’s why I have no complication and no terrible reaction from the surgery. His hands were gentle and skilled, assuring no harm done to me.

**1 month after my Rhinoplasty Nose Lift done by Dr. Kolawach**

Great news guys, things are back to normal. I go out, hangout with friends, do some normal activities, like exercise and swimming.. I feel so great about myself, and all my friends are noticing my good vibes. They all want to have the same surgery as mine. hahahah

People can witness the marvelous changed I had after my rhinoplasty surgery done at DRK. I am more than proud to let everybody know what I did and where I had it done. The feeling of being confident is addictive, it’s like the perfect kind of obsession to oneself. It is the wisest investment, because changing you and making you happy is the incomparable.

**2 months after my rhinoplasty nose lift done by Dr. Kolawach**

All my greatest appreciation to DRK, especially Dr. Kolawach for giving me this experience to feel confident about myself and assured me the safest procedure and most comfortable healing process.

Guys, I hope my review helped you decide on your planned surgery. With all honesty in my heart, I recommend you to do it with DRK. Or at least visit them and have a consultation. Till next time! ^_^

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