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V-Line Contour Feminization Facial Bone Surgery

For starters, I would like to let everybody know that everything I write here is genuine. My intention is to share my experience and why I chose DRK in changing my appearance.

I am Dr. Moo, I had undergone Jaw Reduction surgery at DRK with Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach.

Why I did cosmetic surgery? Because I believe that I am entitled to give myself the kind of beauty I desire. Everybody is, actually. And for me, as a professional I empowered my capability to change one thing that bothers me since adolescence stage of my life – my super chubby cheeks.

My face happened to be genetically huge (chubby) that is not proportion to my body. I am not fat, not overweight or whatsoever, but my facial bone is too prominent. My cheeks are fatty plus my jawbones are too prominent. It gives me a look of a masculine. And I really don’t like it.

I wanted to have a slim face to make me look kind and amicable. So I began to ask my colleagues if they knew a doctor and should be the best one to do the jaw surgery to me. Of course, it has to be the best, because I will be under general anesthesia and cutting my jawbone is serious case, it is not typical cosmetic surgery that put silicon, and can change it later. My planned surgery is major operation and should be done only once!

Fortunately, as working in the field of dentistry- I happen to know Dr. Chanchai, who is very popular in this industry for he graduated first as Doctor in Dentistry then Doctor of General Medicine got board certified here and proceed to Oral and maxillofacial surgeon here in Thailand and then studied in Germany and got board certified there and also a Professor in medicine. He has been practicing all over the world. Then coincidently, my colleagues done myriad of plastic surgery at DRK and knowing Dr. Kolawach is popular in his good reputation by all his patients review- I made an appointment to meet both of them for consulting about my planned jaw reduction surgery.

Upon consulting to Dr. Chanchai, he explained to me that I need cheekbone reduction and jaw reduction to make a good balance on my face. He told me that I needed to do Xray CT scan of my facial bone structure, then he will make my very own actual 4D duplicate model. After running those tests, I waited for 2 weeks, then saw my facial bone structure as we continue our consultation process. Dr. Chanchai carefully explained to me what my bone condition is and what he can do to give me the best result that I desire. My actual 4D duplicate also serves as the base for the jaw surgery procedure, giving Dr. Chanchai an estimation of my facial bone. We did a simulation in the computer, so that I can see how I will look like after my jaw reduction surgery. The image amazed me and got me excited about the surgery.

So you see in this picture, how much I’ve been through and my transformation.

On the surgery day, I stayed in the hospital for the night. Doctor and nurses took care of me and checked up on me often. Making sure that I am doing well and my system has been well after the general anesthesia surgery I undergone. That had really gave me a peace at heart and mind. I didn’t have to worry about my health because I am secured that I am completely safe.

I know, it looked painful because of all the wrap and swelling. But I was perfectly fine. The hospital gave me enough pain killers to relieve the pain. When I got out of the hospital the following day, I gotta stay at home for a few days, because of the swelling. Though it could be a bit uncomfortable, the medicines helped me so much to get through all the swelling and discomforts.

This is me before doing the jaw reduction and cheekbone reduction surgery. You can observe that my jawbones are too prominent like men (see the side view) and my cheekbones are too high making my face like a diamond (not an ideal face for Asians).

My Preparations to my Jaw surgery are:

1. My laboratory test : Dr. Chanchai and as DRK’s protocol, they have to make sure that I am healthy enough to do the major surgery, and if I have a serious condition- the hospital and doctors will take its safety measures during the operation for both our advantages.

2. I have to refrain from smoking and drinking: well actually not a problem because I am not smoking nor drinking at all hahaha

3. I have to stop medicines that have an effect with my blood clotting.

4. Physically and psychologically prepared

5. The day before the surgery, I should not drink and eat anything after midnight.

6. No nail polish, makeup, accessories on the day of surgery.

Now, I am all set and ready for the biggest event in my life so far.

Taadaa! OH don’t be frightened guys, I’m ok. Though I look like a puffy fish right now, but I am totally fine. The bandage around my face is to help reduce swelling and support to the facial bone. It will be removed in a few days.

For now, the most important thing is that I am ok and Dr. Chanchai came to visit me and he said that the operation went well. Woohoo!! He also assured me that the swelling will subside in time. I am not worried about the swelling though, because as a doctor, I know how our body reacts to surgeries, especially a major like this one.

No more bandage, but a bit more swelling. I helped myself by applying cold pack the whole day for the 5 days, and religiously took the prescribed medicines. You can see that there are no visible scars, it is because Dr. Chanchai did the opening or incision inside my mouth. So this is definitely a multi incredible job!!

Not swollen like the previous week. I could start to see the beautiful changes on my face. No more pain at this time, though doctor said the swelling is still there. All I can do now is continue the cold packs and wait. Medicines are finished now. I don’t need to take the antibiotic anymore because evidently there’s no infection, and no more pain killers because there’s no pain.

Nice! Slim face achieved! This is not the end result, my face is still swollen actually. And the tissues inside are still on the process of healing. Dr. Chanchai said that I will gradually see the slimming of my face up to 6 months! So you can imagine, this is only a month after my jaw reduction surgery. It will be more slim for few more months!

Amazing right?! You can compare from my previous photos the changes that I had! You can see the V shape now! And my cheekbones are also reduced. This is only 50 days after my jaw reduction and cheek reduction surgery. I still have few more months to see more results.

So guys, this is my last picture for this review. I went to a wedding of a friend, and I am perfectly fine. I am saying this because I want you to know that within 2 months, my life is back to normal with boost self confidence. My patients are happy and surprised with my appearance, and my colleagues took it a brave and wonderful journey I had.

I am grateful to the works of Dr. Chanchai for making my dreams come true with perfection. And to DRK team who assisted me all the way, making my rehabilitation and healing process easy and worry free as ever.

I will surely send more of my photos in next month. So stay tuned guys ^^ You will surely be amazed with the results, as I already am. ^^

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