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Male Hair transplant by Dr. Kulakarn

I recently had hair transplant surgery done at DRK with Dr. Pum. I am grateful and very satisfied with the result, that’s why I am giving my review to give credit to DRK and especially Dr. Kulakarn(Pum).

As a man, hair loss is one of the greatest fears to be acquired in later life. Baldness is a common problem to men, we are prone to losing hair than women I suppose. My wife and my mother don’t have the same problem that I, my father and my brothers have. So technically, my hair loss condition is hereditary- it runs in our blood. Saying this, it means there’s no escape from getting bald.

When I was about to reach 30 years old, I can see that my frontal hair on the temporal area are beginning to thin. I consulted a doctor, and he gave me topical meds- it somehow helped reduce the falling of my hair but as years go by I really could see that the problem is still there. Losing hair and not growing back fast again. I couldn’t see new hair grows back, so I thought to myself that the topical meds reduce or prevent hair from falling but it does not help the regrowing process.

I went back to see another doctor again, he gave me supplements to mess with my hormones. While taking these oral supplements- the result was really visible and I liked it. Hence for a little longer, I observed that my libido is no longer there. My wife was a little bit worried about it, and so I was. So I thought again, I can’t do this forever- I have an obligation to my wife and of course to complete my manhood. I stopped the oral supplements and now hair loss to baldness is on their way.

Fortunately, while watching a TV, I saw DRK on TV. And they are offering all kinds of treatments and therapies for skin, body and hair. My instinct told me to call them right away, so I did. I made an appointment to see Dr. Pum for a consultation.

I chose Dr. Pum because:

1. 1.. American Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon

2. Has done hair transplant to many celebrities in Thailand

3. Guaranteed to get about 99% of maximum result and at a very REASONABLE PRICE.

4. DRK has very good facilities: safe and secured Operating Room.

When I met her, she was very professional and she understood my condition right away. She explained to me completely what are the problem and the best solution to solve it- HAIR TRANSPLANT via FUT.

Hair Transplantation is the best procedure for me since the topical meds and oral supplements are not suitable and it is not the best for my condition because it is in my genes and nothing to correct it. I trust Dr. Pum so much, not only because she is an AMERICAN BOARD CERTIFIED HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGEON, but also she is honest and straightforward. I didn’t have second thought, I scheduled my hair transplant surgery with her.

On the operating room, I saw that her team was very skillful with the procedure. DRK OR facilities are clean and sterile, I didn’t worry about anything at all. I felt so comfortable and at ease while they clean my head. Dr. Pum gave me anesthesia and sedated me to make me feel relaxed and convenient to both our parts while doing the operation.

When the Hair transplant was finished, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Doctor gave me medicines at home and scheduled me for follow up. My recovery was serene and harmonious, it wasn’t swelling and no bruises at all. I went to work the following two days after surgery. I could do normal activities as usual. DRK team always checks up on me and assists me with my recovery which made me feel so relived. I am so excited to see the result.

After a few months later, WOW! Incredible result! I could never be happier with the result I have! It is marvelous! All my self confidence is back. I don’t have to wear cap every time I go out.

I am really grateful and thankful to Dr. Kulakarn(Pum) and DRK Team for making this journey so marvelous.

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