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Jaw Alignment Surgery with Dr. Chanchai

Definitely a life transforming aesthetic procedure, and will give you a chance to taste the best of everything.

Why? Here are the reasons why it is life-transforming…

Like some people, I have dental problems and unfortunately also sliding jaw (which is a congenital condition). I’ve been suffering from communicating socially and academically. It’s not that people are making fun of me, but deep inside me is feeling ashamed of this deficiency.

I always wanted to be normal just like anybody else. Or someone who just had issues with nose, eyes, chin, things that does not require major operation.

I am scared of surgery, needle and blood and sleeping while someone is doing changes on you, opening you unconsciously- make me so scared (which is I think pretty much normal).

But then there are a lot of instances when I was put in a very humiliating situation such as parties and formal gatherings, work presentations and reunions. So then I decided to do Jaw Alignment Surgery.

I searched on the internet for the best surgeon to do the Jaw surgery for me. Then I saw DRK as the best Plastic Surgery Center and well known for this procedure.

The expert for Jaw surgery is Dr. Chanchai. I had a consultation with him and it was genuinely informative. He explained to me the procedure that must be done first.

1. Check and correct dental deformities (have braces for approximately 8 months until teeth are fully corrected)

2. Have an Xray and CT Scan of my facial/Head bone structure

3. Have an actual model of my skull/ facial bone structure

4. 4D simulation for final discussion about how to expect after the surgery

Upon completing these methods, my last consultation step with Dr. Chanchai was mind opening. He explained to me completely what to expect and how long is my downtime.

I am so excited to do this operation with Dr. Chanchai. I will do the surgery in JCI accredited hospital and stay for one night admission. I am fully confident to do this major operation with Dr. Chanchai.

The following day after my operation. Nice to wake up with no complications. Hahaha although my face is all swelled up. But it’s ok, the hospital took care of me well. And also DRK staff came to visit me and doctor to check my condition. No terrible bruises, and bearable pain. Though the downtime might take weeks.

5 days after my jaw alignment surgery. Still swollen, but not bruises and less pain now.

10 days after my jaw alignment surgery.

Swelling has subsided. So much better than last week.

15 days after my jaw alignment surgery.

20 days after

25 days after

30 days after

40 days after

60 days after

For two months I finally went back to normal. I can eat well and everything is normal. My jaw is now aligned and I can chew, sleep well and communicate confidently with people.

What a successful beauty journey with Dr. Chanchai. I thank him for making me beautiful and confident.

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