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KPOP look alike by Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach

Men’s plastic surgery should be different, especially when it comes to Asian Men Style.

Asians have a craze on charming men of KPOP appearance. One of being so, is having a lean cheeks. To achieve this pose, you need to find a good doctor to assess your condition.

Lean face for men, is having a balanced jawbone, sufficient facial muscle or masseter and no fatty cheeks.

In my case, I have a slightly chubby cheek. I hate this fatty face because it makes me look overweight and plump. As a man, having chubby cheeks never look good.

I searched over the internet on how to resolve this problem, because I tried all the methods to get rid of it such as exercise and diet, even threading but nothing has changed on my face.

Then I found DRK as the top most Buccal Fat Removal expert in whole Thailand. I asked for a consultation with the famous Dr. Kolawach.

See a lot of puffy cheeks. I see a lot of fat. Although my friends say I look good, but for me I want to remove that chubby cheek and have a masculine face.

This angle caught the fatness of my face… It would be better if it wasn’t that chubby face.

I am scheduled for an operation with Dr. Kolawach. I will do the buccal fat removal at DRK center, they have complete OR facilities to support minor surgeries effectively and sufficiently and garnering with high qualified medical personnel to assist Dr. Kolawach for my surgery.

My preoperative instructions were very easy, no medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen and such a like, no smoking and drinking and no food like fish oil or supplements that contains such.

Right after my Buccal fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

My operation was surprisingly comfortable. It was fast and easy, it took only about half an hour for doctor to perform. I felt no pain after he injected the anesthesia. The incision is inside the mouth so there are no visible scars on my face. The sutures are absorbable so there’s no need to cut off the stitches.

I need to wear this compressive garment to wrap my face for 3 days together with ice packs to help reduce the swelling faster. I have home meds to take for my pain killer, swelling, and anti infection.

As for now, I am advised not to eat and drink spicy and hot food.

One week after my Buccal Fat Removal.

No bruises and no more swelling, and of course no pain. My life is now back to normal. I feel great! Although Dr. Kolawach said that the full result will be seen after 3 months. So we can wait for its final outcome.

One month after I my Buccal Fat Removal Surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

Everyone can see my high-ranking new look. I am more confident on taking photos now and all my friends are very impressed with my lean cheeks. They want to do the surgery as well.

DRK performs extraordinary Plastic Surgery for Men and dramatic result you will never regret doing changes under the knife. One time and everlasting surgery.

I will be forever thankful to Dr. Kolawach for these magnificent changes not just in my appearance but also my life.

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