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Fresh Look Double Eyelid surgery by Dr. Korn

Narrow eyelid gap is almost looks like monolids and never tend to be attractive. In this new age of extreme look and generation of beautification sprint out all over the globe leads everyone to get curious and be competent to join the race.

I get very insecure with the outline of my upper eyelids. It gives me a typical Asian look, sleepy tired eyes. They can be cute to somebody else but I never feel like it suits my personality. I am a lively person and joyful one, if I don’t put make up on my eyes, they look the opposite of my character.

As for my first plastic surgery procedure, I want it to be perfect. Like everybody else, we all want our beauty procedures to go smoothly but there are some incidents that gone terrible and worse it was irreversible. I don’t want that to happen to me, so all I need is to find the best doctor in town.

I had many recommendations from my friends, but the truth is I’m not really impressed with their results. It’s too common and unnatural. I wanted to be different and it should go along with my style.

**Before I had Natural Adhesive Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Korn**

Until I saw my net idol on Facebook having a review with Double Eyelid done by Dr. Korn. Without second thought, I booked for a consultation.

When I arrived at DRK, the ambience is so cozy and clean. The staffs have welcomed me and assisted me for pre-consultation procedure. Everything was methodically arranged and professional.

During my consultation with Dr. Korn, it made me more excited to listen to him because he is so handsome hahahaha. But aside from that he explains clearly, and he measured the intention as the result for my double eyelid. We both agreed with the height and procedure.

**Following day after my natural adhesive double eyelid surgery**

Remarkably, my incisions on the following day are close. My eyes are a bit swollen but not scary. I have no bruises and unbelievably no pain at all.

Dr. Korn’s hands are very gentle and practiced a “BLOODLESS” technique, that’s why I don’t have awful reaction after the surgery.

**5 Days after my natural adhesive double eyelid surgery by Dr. Korn**

At this point, everything is pretty much back to normal. No more swelling, my wounds have healed. I feel so great!

**6th day after my double eyelid surgery**

I put make up today, my friends say I look stunningly beautiful! They all want to do surgery at DRK! hahaha

No makeup day! I feel fresh and confident! I am not shy of going out without makeup!

**Comparison for before and after 7days**

NATURAL and BEAUTIFUL! That’s one of the compliments I’ve been receiving from my friends!

It really boosted my confidence and it changes my mood, I feel more joyful than ever.

**10 days after my natural adhesive double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn**

I feel so amazing after seeing my result, I am proud to say that I did my double eyelid at DRK. I did the right decision in doing my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. Everything is perfect and I have no regrets, my desired outcome was achieved.

Thank you so much DRK for being the real “BEAUTY MAKER” and giving me the chance to discover a different way of gaining confidence.

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