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Forehead Augmentation

Kissable Lips are sexy and attractive. A beautiful face deserves a tempting lips that nobody can resist.


Lip reshaping is a minor cosmetic procedure to enhance and refine the shape of the lips. The procedure can be lip refining reduction or lip augmentation. Lip refining is a reduction of too emphasized lips that makes them too large. Lip refining are cutting a portion of the skin of the lips and reshape them accordingly to a more defined and sexy one. On the other hand, lip augmentation is a procedure that enhance the lips through silicon implant, filler injection or fat stemcell lipo filling creating a fuller lips. 


There are some appropriate lip shape according to the facial structure of the person. He/she can choose the following shapes below. 

Lip reshaping surgery as being said to be minor surgery, and the type of anesthesia will be localized. It can be done in our center and the patient can go home after the surgery and rested in the recovery area for about an hour. Hence, as DRK's protocol for all patients at the age of 40 years old and above- all cosmetic procedure will be done in the JCI accredited hospitals which we are affiliated. In this manner, we assure that the patient will be 100% safe during the operation. We take precautions to the health of the patients even though they claim to be perfectly well. Although, the operation will take for around 30mins, and recovery time in the hospital will take an hour or so, the patient can go back home or to his/her hotel on the same day. The next follow up would be on the 3rd day after surgery. DRK Team will have 24hours monitor to the patient. 

  1. No Smoking and drinking of alcohol for at least 2 weeks prior surgery

  2. Stop taking medicines such as aspirin and the like. 


Note: For foreigner patients, they must stay at least 7 days after the surgery. In this case, the doctor and DRK team can monitor the recovery process and make sure that the patient is safe to go back home in their country or designated country without any complication from the surgery. 

Recovery Period : 5 to 7 days

Before & After Surgery
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