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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant surgical procedure is a new innovation of cosmetic surgery.


This technique is not practiced by all plastic surgeons because it needs specialized learning and additional level of skill.


To be effective and permissible for this operation, the medical provider should be a hair transplant specialized surgical doctor. 


In this modern culture, the alternative options to cover the bald or less eyebrows are,

  1. By putting eyebrow liner : Nevertheless the disadvantages of this are, first it is not permanent- the hassle of removing it and applying it once in a while is not time saving. Secondly, the possibility of shameful incidents by accidentally washed off by water, sweat or wiped off- peculiarly if this will happen in public places and makeup can’t be done immediately.

  2. Eyebrow tattooing : although eyebrow tattooing saves time for putting eyebrow liner every day, the disadvantage of it is the permanent lining. If age kicks off, the brow falls down and eyes will be more definably drooping and would even look older. The way to remove it is by tattoo removal laser procedures which should be done by myriad consecutive sessions.  

However, eyebrow transplant surgery has many advantages over the use of cosmetics. The foremost advantage is the natural result that it brings. Permanently attached and can still be refined and designed as desired by the patient. Both man and woman are able to manifest this procedure- unlike makeup eyebrow liner and tattooing will not give man a natural look. The principle of eyebrow transplant surgery is to provide a better hold of shared hair follicle to new planted dermal papilla.


Eyebrow transplant administer easy procedure by strip technique (FUT) or manual extracting (FUE) from the abundant hair which is preferably at the occipital area of the head, then plant the follicle on your eyebrow. This process will create dimensions of not only natural looking eyebrows but also sturdy quality of new hair. Regaining the confidence and making daily routine more time saving. 

The result will be more natural, no scar will be visible on the eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant requires expertise and proficient skill of the medical provider is very important because the growth of the implanted eyebrow varies depending on the layout and character of the hair follicle that totally relies on the performance of the whole medical team.

The result of eyebrow transplant guarantees permanent and natural outcome and distinguishably different from other normal procedures. 

Eyebrow transplant surgery at DRK is an advanced surgical technique by our American Board certified Hair transplant surgeon, with DRK team to assist the whole procedure, keeping the standard quality of surgical protocol and peak performance regarding hair follicle segregation to ensure the transplant have its maximum result. DRK specialist will assess the patient’s condition prior surgery; he/she must be healthy enough to undergo surgery, if so the doctor will advise necessary physical health

examination to prepare oneself before surgery.

The candidates for eyebrow transplant are:
  1. Very thin eyebrows since birth,

  2. Skin disease that destroys the hair follicle permanently

  3. Cleft eyebrows due to accidents or skin infections

  4. Damaged eyebrow skin/follicle caused by surgery similar to hair transplant

  5. Old aged patients who normally loses eyebrows.

Once planted, the eyebrow will remain as the property of the hair follicle. When eyebrows are long grown up as according to

the original properties of the hair roots that were being planted, it must be trimmed so it will not to be too long and will fall during 

the first three weeks, then grow new roots along the resting phase of the hair which lasts about 3-4 months until the hair follicle

gets mature. Gray or white hair that may have been planted on the eyebrows will remain its color so dye may be needed 


What is Eyebrow transplant procedure?​

Eyebrow surgery is considered as minor surgery. Local anesthetic is being used to diminish the sensation on the surgical are. It normally takes about 3-4 hours of eyebrow transplant. The doctor will start by drawing the eyebrows look and as well as patient’s desired to meet satisfaction with the shape. After injecting the local anesthesia to the area where the hair donor will be taken place, the hair will be removed as a strip line or pluck one by one. Then implanted it in the area to which the hair will be designed along the hairline. One person may use at least 400 on the graph.

When can I see the results?

 Eyebrow after the first period or first few days and weeks would normally fall away. Do not panic because this is a normal behavior of new hair implanted. "Defoliation" will occur after the planted hair in the 3-4 month period and begins to grow after six months is up about 50% and up to full-term 9-12 months later.

Growing eyebrows outcome that permanent?

The growing eyebrow that were planted are coming up permanently.

The results are likely to change depending on the individual


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