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Facial Bone Surgery

DRK Plastic Surgery has the best surgeons in the country. Well-experienced and outstanding professional background surgeons that are specialized in performing maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial surgery tends to improve deformities and reshaping facial features by changing the facial bone structure. The procedures can be shaving and reducing of bone, aligning of jawbones and augmenting or adding volume by using a customized implant. This procedure encompasses the upper and lower jaws, cheekbones, chin and the forehead.


To achieve a precise and accurate measurement of the bone, a CT Scan will be needed to provide a careful assessment and evaluation of what the condition or existing problem is.

In the process of understanding and analyzing the facial bone structure, DRK experts will create an actual skull model out of the CT Scan result give, this will also serve a substantial material for customizing and simulation purposes. 

Chin Reduction
Brow Bone Reduction
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